Rare Earth Hardwoods (REH) was established in 1984 in Traverse City, MI.  In 2003 REH opened their own production facility in Santarem, Brazil named Zero Impact Brazil (ZIB). ZIB produces specialty hardwood lumber, large slabs, siding, decking, flooring, paneling, timber packages and timber frames marketed under Amazon Timber Frames.

As a company policy, we focus on procuring wood with minimal negative impact on the forests of the region and when possible we harvest logs under our own exclusive 3D Guidelines (DYING DEAD & DOWN). 

Rainforest Responsibility
What happens when you REALLY CARE about the Amazon Rain Forest?


Lonely Planet called it one of the finest pieces of forest in the Amazon, Andrew Blackwell – “An island of forest in the ocean of soy”. The truth is, like in the unfinished “Big Tree Story” documentary Rick said “I bought it because I could”. This is the story of a man who took an attitude in preserving almost 2000 acres of virgin Amazon rain forest in the middle of agricultural devastation boom 17 years ago. And today his team is ready to revert that devastation by purchasing more nearby areas, reforesting and investing in educational programs.

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Buy direct from our production facility in Santarem, Brazil.
Durable, rot and insect resistant. Many incredible species to choose from (to 40 feet).
Including our exclusive Brazilian Ebony!
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